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  • City of Newport, Oregon. News, Events Newport, Oregon, jobs, bid posting, RFP, Parks Recreation, Library, Police, Fire, Local Government, Municipal, Lincoln County
  • The Construction Contractors Board protects the public’s interest relating to improvements to real property. The Board regulates construction contractors and promotes a competitive
    business environment through education, contractor licensing, dispute resolution, and law enforcement.
  • Whether you’re planning an addition for a growing family or simply getting new storm windows, finding a competent and reliable contractor is the first step to a successful and satisfying home improvement project.
  • Located in Lincoln County, Lincoln City is located on the scenic Oregon Coast at the 45th parallel. It is bordered by 680-acre Devils Lake and the Coast Range on the east with the Pacific Ocean on the west.
  • The Department conducts a variety of functions critical to the management of Oregon's ground water resources for optimum long-term public and private benefits. In Oregon it is a priority of the Department to protect the ground water resource through appropriate prevention and enforcement procedures. The Well Construction and Compliance Section is responsible for several program areas to ensure that wells are properly constructed so as to prevent contamination of Oregon's ground water resources such as licensing of drillers, enforcement of well construction standards and keeping repository of well logs. Drilling wells and the data provided on well logs affects anyone using water from wells for domestic, municipal, industrial, environmental monitoring, or agricultural purposes.
  • It is intended to give forest landowners, loggers, and consulting foresters an overview of Oregon´s legally-mandated best management practices (BMPs) for sound forest management. You need to know these BMPs to meet your objectives while protecting Oregon´s forest environment.
  • Waldport is one of those special places. Located about three hours by car south of Portland, this town of 2050 offers everything you need to escape the rush and congestion of city living.